Our main focus is on supporting the development of business and entrepreneurship in the fields of tourism, transport and trade related to the Port of Malaga, creating strategies and actions to improve the results of the activity in the Port and enhance its competitiveness at a local, national and international level.

Hence, we promote and boost collaboration among companies from the port and complementary sectors, as well as from the tourist sector or the general service area, which may make proposals to increase activity in our community.

Paralelly, we consolidate our social and informative commitment to make the city-port areas known, making contact with key stakeholders, such as associations, public institutions and media, among others.

Very briefly, Málagaport activity focuses on the following points:

  1. Supporting the creation of new activities, businesses, services and facilities to promote steady and sustainable development of the Port of Málaga.
  1. Cooperating with public institutions and private companies to further develop and improve the port and destination Málaga on the cruise sector.
  1. Promoting R&D projects in the port area.
  1. Supporting international cooperation with other ports.
  1. Enhancing the city-port integration.