The Port of Málaga has experienced a significant increase in the number of vessels operating level in the enclosure to carry out repair thereof. So much so, that data from year end indicate that this type of traffic has been doubled compared to the previous period (50 vessels in 2014 compared with 25 in 2013) and was expected to consolidate this figure during the year . Comparison Chart 2013-2014

  2013 2014% Change Floating Dock September 16 77% A float 16 34 112% TOTAL 25 50 100% As shown in the table, this port activity, conducted by Astilleros Mario López-Cernaval, is a catalyst for ship traffic in the port, whose infrastructure is adapted to the new demands generated by this important and dynamic market in the capital.

Floating Dock Expansion Increased workload was required, in recent years, various investments by the concessionaire and the two expansions have been made that have meant an increase in the capacity of space and workshops, as well as important enlargement held in floating dock ANDALUSIA with increasing their length, and can work with vessels up to 150 meters.


Mario López-Cernaval shipyards closed 2014 with very positive numbers, having performed repairs on 50 ships in the year and reaching 6 vessels operate simultaneously during the month of June.

Repairs Aiming other springs that the yard could meet the growing demand, the Port Authority, in collaboration with Noatum Container Terminal Málaga, has facilitated the berthing of ships under repair at the docks 4, 5, 6, Dam Lift and Container Terminal.

This partnership has enabled a service to both repair and loading / unloading of cargo vessels allowing these, too, attention to larger vessels. An example is the case of 'Maersk Labyrinth', which has a length of 300 meters: Due to the success of the repair to the 'Maersk Kampala' during 2013, the company returned to the Port of Málaga choose to undertake the steel renewal of this vessel.

This has the same happened with other companies, such as Stolt Tankers and Cosco Shipping, which have again focused the port facility during 2014.

Some of the highlights in the past year vessels were as follows:

CORAL CORAL ACTINIA OBELIA + tech gas tankers Ships FLEET BESIX 4 vessels repaired Suction dredgers, pontoons and tug REPUBBLICA DI ROMA Ship Ro-Ro PUNTA MAYOR + SAR MASTELERO rescue ship GANG QIANG + KANG FU General cargo ship STOLT CORMORANT ARK FORWARDER chemical tanker Ro-Ro Ship Ship IVER ACTION asfaltero WATERWAY suction dredger vessel MAERSK container MAZE economic and employment Impact naval repairs carried out by Mario López-Cernaval contribute to the richness of the port and the city because, in addition to direct and subcontracted jobs, boosts other sectors of vital importance as shippers, ship chandlers, port basic services, accommodation and catering etc., being very positive for job creation and maintenance.

In 2014, the staff of 70 workers was extended to 120 days for maximum operational.


The year 2015 will be a year of consolidation of figures for the shipyard, as well as strengthening their trade promotion and attracting new markets, thanks in large part to the internationalization of Cernaval Group, which belongs shipyard.

During the beginning of the year the ship 'Iver Accord', belonging to the Dutch shipping company Vroon, arrived at the Port of Málaga, which has remained moored about 15 days, in order to make a deeper five-year technical inspection, review the annual inspections. The work consisted mainly in activities related to the mechanics of the ship and paint treatments, and they have participated 80 professionals Shipyards Mario Lopez.

Not the first time you use the shipping yards Malaga Port for repairs, since in November 2014 entered the premises of Mario Lopez ship 'Iver Action', belonging to the same company.

In parallel, the shipyard has continued repair work on the ship 'Reecon Eagle' along Pier 4 Port of Málaga and later moved to East Dike Duplex (ADL), which has provided the completion of their work during the month of January, after which it can resume its navigation.

In addition, the company plans to get back to the Feederlines shipping, as their ship 'Vegadiep' perform a stranded on the floating dock from next week.